Dog City Day Care & Hotel | Boulder, CO
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“Charlie and Bear have never looked as beautiful or seemed as happy as they were getting groomed at Dog City. They were both very handsome with their new haircuts, and the atmosphere was upbeat and welcoming. We'll be back soon.”
Boulder, CO

“We're all extremely happy with the care Luka has received from Dog City! I'm sure that he loves it the most which is why we bring him in! And it's nice to know that people who love dogs are looking after him when we can't. Thanks for everything!”
Boulder, CO
To this end, we "advertise" almost exclusively through local non-profits. We donate gift certificates for our services to non-profit agencies for use in their fundraising efforts. We let our potential customers know about our services through non-profit sponsorships and partnership ads.

Our facility serves people who are ill, hospitalized, or have disabilities by offering pro-bono boarding of their dogs when the need arises.
In partnership with our local Chinook Clubhouse, we hire some people with special needs and have seen how healthy this is for the people and the dogs. Our commitment to employing people with disabilities has earned us national recognition. We also mentor students and interns, many who have become permanent employees.

At Dog City, we consider our employees as partners in this endeavor.  When an individual joins the "dog pack," they enjoy our commitment to promoting from within, providing continuing education, supporting individual needs, and accommodating special health considerations. We have an "open book" management style, with all financial information open to staff.

We recycle and buy products and food produced with the least amount of harm to the earth. The food we purchase and feed our canine clients has been produced without harmful chemical preservatives.

We spread unconditional love to the world, one wet nose at a time.
                og City was founded in 1998 as a right livelihood business. Our commitment from the beginning has been to do business in a way that contributes positively and substantially to our community.