Dog City Day Care & Hotel | Boulder, CO
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“I love the report cards and how the staff is teaching my boy how to be more civilized. He now runs past the gate when we come in to go see his buddies, both human and not.”
Boulder, CO

“The care is just what we expected, because we had great descriptive recommendations on just what to expect. Great service and care!”
Lakewood, CO

“The best day care by far in Boulder!”
Boulder, CO

“I loved how happy and comfortable Scout became after a little time there. We plan on using Dog City again.”
Boulder, CO
*  Dogs are pack animals by nature and need to learn normal canine social behavior. Dog day care consists of interactive play with other dogs and trained employee playmates. Dogs also enjoy regular naps, brushing and love.

*  Dog City offers normal playtime hours for day care and hotel dogs seven days a week, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. (Most other day care facilities only offer interactive opportunities for their dogs on weekdays.)

*  Dog City provides your canine companion with 6,000 square feet of indoor play area, with a separate play area for small dogs and puppies, as well as one for medium-large dogs.  Both of these play areas feature “paw friendly” flooring—a soft, rubber designed to absorb shock and have less stress on hips and joints.

*  We use essential oils and flower essences to help nervous dogs; music and the sound spa also help create a calmer atmosphere.

*  Nap time is scheduled for two hours each afternoon to allow your friend to rest from morning play time. Extra naps are arranged on Sundays and holidays and any day for dogs who are more tired, young or lodging at the hotel for extended stays.

*  Dogs will sometimes get a walk outside of the facility.  All dogs have regular access to the outside yard for play on the playground equipment and to go “potty out.”

*  Your furry friend will go home ready for a quiet evening with you.

*  Using Dog Day Cam technology (links above), you can view your dog at play during the day.
        og day care is the heart of our program.  Your canine friend will eagerly look forward to constant, loving human attention and the chance to play with other friendly dogs.  (see “Details” link above for prices & hours)

*  At Dog City, we offer a solution when you cannot be there. The time your dog will spend with us will be in a fun, educational and safe environment.